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Why Dr. Jennifer Walden is Celebrated around the Globe

Today, the demand for cosmetic and plastic surgery is on the rise. This means that many doctors are specializing in the field. Dr. Jennifer Walden is a distinguished and celebrated American plastic surgeon based in Austin Texas. She is a member of a number of plastic surgery boards such as the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), and the American College of Surgeons. At ASAPS, she is a member of the board of directors and she is also the communication leader of the society.

Medical Backgrounds

Academically, Jennifer graduated from the University Of Texas School Of Medicine with a Medical Degree. She is a certified surgeon and her certifications include the American Board of Plastic Surgery License, Texas State Medical License, Florida State Medical License, and New York State Medical License. Currently, the doctor is affiliated with a number of hospitals such as The Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital in New York, Seton Medical Center, and Westlake Medical Centre.

Areas of Specialization

Dr. Walden is specialized in different areas of plastic and cosmetic surgery. She owns and runs her own cosmetic clinic in Austin besides being a regular doctor at the three affiliated hospitals. Overall, the doctor is effective in:

Face cosmetic surgeryBreasts plastic surgeryGeneral body cosmetic plastic surgeryHairSpecializationConclusion

  • Face cosmetic surgery: She is known to be effective at reducing wrinkles, sagged skins and damaged faces. Her aim is to make an energetic and youthful looking individual.
  • Breasts plastic surgery: She is able to reduce and enlarge the size of her customers’ breasts to their preference. She is also able to reconstruct the breasts of patients who have undergone a mastectomy.
  • General body cosmetic plastic surgery: She is able to reshape the patient’s body by reducing the excess fats.
  • Hair Specialization: She is experienced in Laser Technology that gets rid of unwanted hair and correct scalp abnormalities.

Other than medical practice, Jennifer Walden is an active media commentator, writer, and philanthropist. She is highly celebrated in the US as she is among the top rated plastic surgeons in the world. Currently, she is actively involved in the hospitals that she is affiliated with and her founded clinic.


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