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Whitney Wolfe Creates Better Social Environment

Bumble is growing outside of the United States. This is good for Whitney Wolfe. Recently there has been an announcement about the first United Kingdom ambassador Daisy Lowe. This is a good thing because she is a model, but she is clearly standing in the gap for those women that may have felt like they were not good enough. She is someone that is standing with Whitney Wolfe in the feminist movement that has been created by Bumble.

Now we're in bizzness! With @bumblebizz just weeks away from launching, I couldn't imagine a more impactful headline. I've been reading @fastcompany for years, learning from & admiring the many business innovators they have featured. It was always a dream of mine to be a part of something that made an impact big enough to merit acknowledgement (a digital cover!) from a publication like fastco. There are no words to describe the amount of work, grit, determination, and perseverance myself and every single person who has dedicated their passion and time to Bumble. It's moments like this that remind us how far we've come. On the other hand, it is moments like the past couple of weeks that remind us how much further we have to go, not only for our users but to make a bigger dent into hateful behavior in our world and online. A huge thank you to the incredible team at FastCo, to every single person who has been a part of our amazing team and journey, to our incredible users, and to you for making it through this long winded caption. 😉 This is surreal, and we are eternally humbled, grateful, and slightly tipsy from celebrating. Stay tuned for the launch of bumblebizz in a few short weeks and for this story to go live 🐝🥂

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Respect of women in the workplace has been something that has been missing. The same trouble has been occurring in cyberspace with dating. Wolfe is planning to correct this on all fronts. She wants women to have the ability to exist and socialize online without the harassment. She has set the wheels in motion, and Whitney has totally transformed the early stages of a new social media world that is on the horizons.

It is easy for people to look at what the social media world is right now and not realize that there is a change that is coming, but Whitney Wolfe is certainly bringing change to social networks. It is difficult for any social media circuit to remain popular forever. People are always looking for a chance to embrace something new. Bumble is the new thing that people, especially women, are interested in.

The former co-founder of Tinder is certainly willing to go the distance to establish an equal playing field for women. Ladies in the business world may assume that they are all alone when it comes to building businesses. Whitney Wolfe knows just how hard it is for women to get their businesses on the ground. That is why she created Bumble Bizz. She wanted to give women a chance to communicate and build relationships in networking environments without being harassed. Some people are making comparisons to Bumble Bizz and LinkedIn. The obvious different may be that Whitney Wolfe is creating a platform for people actually talk about their ideas and find venture capitalists to fund their businesses. It is going to benefit women that are just getting started in the business world.

People that move to a new city may find themselves using the Bumble BFF app to move to build their friendships. Singles can also use Bumble for find dates. Whitney has made it easier for women to feel safer online with this app environment for socializing.

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