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Whitney Wolfe And Her Impact On The World Of Online Dating

In a world full of technological advancements, it seems that the practice of online dating was inevitable. Luckily, there are many talented app creators that can make the experience of online dating a good one.

Whitney Wolfe set out to address a problem that online dating users had complained about, which was sexual harassment. This complaint was made by both female and male app users, however, the occurrence was much higher among females.

With the goal to help eliminate this harassment issue, Whitney Wolfe created Bumble, a dating app led by females. Bumble requires that the female in the match initiate conversation (within 24 hours), which helps decrease the amount of unwanted pictures and messages being sent to women on the app. Also, it allows women to show their interest quickly, without being perceived as needy. Surprising enough, there seems to be an equal amount of female and male users on the buzz-worthy, female-led app. Perhaps this is because men appreciate women making the first move, as it not only is easier on the guy, but also a nice change.

Bumble wasn’t Whitney Wolfe’s only successful app, as she continued her efforts to address another online app dilemma: people wanted to make friends, too. With friendship in mind, Whitney Wolfe created Bumble BFF. This pal-oriented app has the goal of creating friendships, bettering the lives of many app users. With all of these new friendships (and don’t forget relationship matches as well), Whitney Wolfe envisioned creating a place for these new friends to meet up. Taking her vision to the next level, Whitney Wolfe created bumble hives, which are cute bee-inspired hives that actually resemble the interior of a bee’s honey-filled home. Although these hives were created for the intention of giving matches a place to get to know each other, they were actually made for all residents to enjoy. Whitney Wolfe took technology to a whole new level, giving app users a place that they can call their bumble home. Let all the bees unite!

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