White Shaek Media is Improving the Company by Improving Customer Service

Excellent customer service is more than collecting the customer’s complaints. Whether you have a brick and mortar business or are on the Internet, your business relies on satisfied customers to grow.


Andrew Lolk, Gary Garth, and Alexander Nygart completely understand this and when they founded White Shark Media in 2010 they dedicated providing top quality service. All three of these entrepreneurs were experienced in marketing in both physical and Internet marketing when they founded WSM, but they have taken customer service to a new level. It is their primary focus and the reason why WSM has become so successful.


White Shark Media is an online advertising and marketing agency excelling in SEO, PPC and Google Adwords of which they became a partner in 2013. The offices are located in Miami, FL, and today they have over 140 team members who are committed to helping clients get the most out of their advertising. They have over 600 clients, and many have been with the company since it began because leadership continues to improve the company and the way it connects with its clients.


The most exciting difference is the way WSM handles complaints and suggestions from their clients. They have made it their practice to take the negative remark and turn it into a positive one by finding an answer to the issue and putting it into practice.


Most businesses ignore complaints because they think they know what’s best, but Lolk, Nygard, and Garth listen to the complaint and then develop a plan to improve on it. They put their client first, and then go above and beyond to amend it.


Here is a typical example: Every client of WSM is assigned to a contact person to answer questions, strategies for optimal marketing and helping them to stay on track.


One client was running into problems getting ahold of his contact person, so WSM saw a great opportunity to improve communication within the entire company. GoToMeetings were established for every client, not just the one with the issue.


Once a month, clients are able to have a personal meeting with White Shark Administration to make inquiries, improve their program and adjust their budget. This has been an incredible improvement to the company, but it would have been missed if they weren’t setting their focus on completely satisfying the clients.



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