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What Comes next for Gareth Henry

In 2016, Angelo Gordon & Co. caused quite a stir in the investment world when it announced its hiring of Gareth Henry. A spokesman for the New York based firm, confirmed that Gareth Henry would be responsible for enhancing and developing client relations for the company. The spokesman went on to say that the hiring of Henry would strengthen the firm’s already strong, first class team. In his new position, Henry would report directly to the firm’s president. His duties would include marketing, enhancing client relationships, developing new products, and implementing distribution of those products for the firm. In addition to his new title Gareth Henry was also slated to become a partner in the firm. For Henry, the appointment was another success in a long string of successes in the career of this consummate professional.

In 1971, he graduated from the prestigious Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh, UK. Receiving a bachelor’s degree, he earned dual honors in actuarial math as well as statistics. His determination and drive were evident, even in his college years.

Over the years, Gareth Henry has earned a reputation for delivering strong returns for his clients.

Early in his career, he worked for two London based firms, SEI Investments and Wyatt, LLP. Then he moved on to Schroders, serving as that investment’s firm’s Director of Strategic Solutions. In 2007, Henry began working at Fortress Group in their London office, where he oversaw their International Investor Relations. In 2014, he managed investor relationships in the firm’s New York based headquarters. In that capacity, he created and set in motion a unique consulting strategy that spanned the firm’s many diverse investments. That strategy is still utilized by the firm today.

In a career that has spanned over 40 years, Henry has worked diligently to improve and foster investment relations. Only time will tell what the next success in the career of this seasoned investment veteran will be.

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