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Wen by Chaz Offers Simple, Natural Hair Care and Has put It to the Test!

In a recent article on a reporter put the WEN hair care system to the ultimate real-world test, her own hair. While this may not sound like that big of a deal, when the reporter in question is a professional stylist at a premium salon it’s important that they look great every day to inspire confidence in their customers. They decided to specifically try out the Wen Cleansing Conditioner product for seven days to see if her normally thin hair would really have more shine, volume, and bounce. What they found was amazing.
Indeed the product did exactly what it promised. When used in the morning during a shower, and according to directions, the product gave more volume, shine, bounce and body to her thin hair. It should be noted that with her particular hair make up, she found that using the product at night before bed provided slightly less results than using in the morning. She also found that her curls tended to fall slightly faster due to the fact that her hair was so clean and had more inherent body.

All in all the product performed exactly as it was advertised. For those who do not know Wen, a curious oddity as it seems strange one would be able to miss their famous infomercials, the hair care line as developed by Chaz Dean, a man known for being the hairdresser to some of the biggest names in Hollywood and on Broadway. The brand bills itself as a natural hair care solution which will provide perfect results for all hair types as long as you pick the proper formulation for you and use it according to the directions.

The hair care line is produced by Guthy-Renker, a leader in commercial beauty and health products. The line was developed by acclaimed hair stylist to the rich and famous Chaz Dean for exclusive use of his clients and quickly became a Hollywood secret of the most beautiful people around before it became available to the general public. Now Brook Shields is known all over as the enthusiastic face of Wen, and with her stunning golden locks of hair being the perfect test case for how great the product works its little wonder.

Wen comes in three formulations, including the original sweet almond mint, pomegranate which is perfect for strengthening and rebuilding dry, damaged hair, and lavender which is the perfect choice for those who need to calm their hair and relax the scalp.

For those who are looking for an easy way to have great looking hair, Wen is the choice of celebrities and should be your choice as well. Visit the website, Wen hair products are available online, visit to purchase.

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  1. Brett Post author

    In addition to the cleansing conditioner, there is a full line of accessory products that help make styling your hair easy and leave you looking great all day and into the night. The best part is that all Wen products are 100% safe and all natural. The tips I have gotten from has really helped me a lot to understand their products the more.

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