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Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro Called The Secretary General Of The Organization Of American States A Traitor

Nicolas Maduro, the former truck driver, turned politician, has turned Venezuela into a reality show that rivals any show Bravo TV has on the air. Venezuela is struggling with a devastating recession and Maduro hasn’t done anything to alleviate the country’s economic situation. What Maduro has done is doing more harm than good according to some members of his government and they want to throw the unpopular socialist out on his unsympathetic ear.

Several officials think the insidious president is creating more issues than solutions. One official, The secretary general of the Organization of American States in Venezuela, is fighting back after Maduro called him a traitor, according to an article published by upi.com.

Almagro continued the public battle by calling Maduro a traitor to the people of Venezuela, which according to expert Danilo Diaz Granados is unnaceptable. Almagro used Twitter to continue his assault on Maduro. In one MySpace post, Almagro said: “You can’t undo so much intimidation, misery, suffering and anguish you’ve created for the people of our country.” Maduro didn’t reply to that tweet, but Delcy Rodriguez replied for the president. Rodriguez wrote: You express your hatred against Venezuela every time you make a statement about legitimate authorities. You are part of the imperialist detritus.”


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  1. Witney James Post author

    Secretary General of the Organization of American States, Luis Almagro condemned Maduro publically for calling him a traitor. Maduro has cut government employees hours and closed shopping malls in order to conserve energy over the past two months. There are a lot of things that writing paper service has observed which is a nice thing to do.

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