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Todd Lubar: Real Estate Investor

Todd Lubar is a Syracuse University graduate with a Degree in Speech Communication. He believed that his course enabled him to develop skills that he needed for his future career path. Throughout his career, he showed a sheer amount of dedication that led him to become the President of TDL Global Ventures. His role includes leading a group of marketing professionals. These professionals were trained by him personally, and it was shown through his leadership that these employees had a run of successful clients over the years.


Todd Lubar’s first career is through Crestar Mortage Corporation which he took right after graduating from the University. He stayed in this job from 1995-1999, then continued on to work at Legacy Financial Group in Arlington, Texas. This was his defining moment to learn more about marketing and financing, which allowed him to grow his company in Maryland. His present involvement with TDL Global Ventures had resulted in the creation of several jobs, and millions per year in the volume of loans.


Mr. Todd Lubar has worked in the financial industry for two decades, but he believes that his passion lies in assisting people who need wisdom in investing. Throughout his previous experiences, the most effective approach is to learn what types of ventures are the most profitable. He uses what he has learned to give sound advice to his clients, to help them become successful entrepreneurs and business owners. Check out Inspirery to know more.


Todd Lubar remarked, “The best way to be profitable is to motivate people to achieve their goals.” He knows that some people are not driven by motivation because they either fear that they won’t succeed, or they are pre-conditioned to believe that they won’t be able to achieve their dreams. Mr. Lubar uses his own experiences as an example to inspire his clients that it is possible to create wealth just by making the right decisions and by listening to people who have already “been there and done that”.


Mr. Lubar looks at hard work as something to be valued. He believes that a strong work ethic is tantamount to success, and this is what made him rise above the challenges of his many years in the competitive financial industry. Giving attention to details is also one of his key strengths, and he knows that making small decisions can impact the future direction of TDL Global Ventures. Visit his Instagram page.



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