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The Rise of the Giants: How EOS Outdid its Competitors

The millennial are a happy generation. Having all things at the click of the button is not what many of people a century ago were exposed to. Simple tasks as purchasing a lip balm would mean endless and torturous visits across different local stores and chemists for a mere tube of chapstick. At least the consolation of beauty was what kept most people on the go. Now thanks to technology and popular brands such as EOS, choosing a lip balm is much simple that ever before. Go to for more insights.


When talking beauty products and more so, lip balm products, nobody seems to have the slightest explanation behind the sudden change of things. For quite a while, Chapstick was the favorite of many beauty enthusiasts. Despite the difficulty accessing the product, it was always the force to reckon with in the market; however, things have since changed, and nothing appeals more to the beauty market than EOS.


EOS, Evolution of Smooth, rise to greatness story is something that took most people, especially their competitors by surprise. For a startup company, achieving $250 million in less than a decade is no mean achievement. Explaining this growth, Sanjiv Mehra, EOS managing partner and co-founder attributes it all to creating awareness. With the different products in the market, EOS felt the need to create awareness of their products in the market and this they did through advertisement in various beauty magazines and online sources. Watch and learn more here on


Another strategy EOS incorporated in building their brand was rethinking the whole concept of lip balm. Unlike the market, EOS concentrated in manufacturing a product that would address more to the women than what was on the market. Through this strategy, they were able to appeal more to the ladies hence boosting its sales.


The company also did not forget their market niche, the millennials. Thanks to the advancement in technology, EOS channeled its resources to social media advertisement; they connected with fashion sites and bloggers thereby appealing to the largest population of beauty consumers in the market.


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