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The Professional Networking Community Recognizes Brian Bonar

The Dalrada Financial Corporation is able to boast more accolades this year as Cambridge Who’s Who named Chairman and CEO Brian Bonar as their Executive of the Year in Finance.

The winners of this year’s search are published in the Cambridge Who’s Who Registry, which is limited to only four executives, two men and women who are executives in their respective fields.

This small pool of honorees are selected from a long list of contenders who are examined for their professional and academic achievements as well as their successes in leadership positions.

In the case of Brian Bonar, his time working in finance has spanned approximately three decades. While working with the Dalrada Financial Corporation, Bonar has been able to use his management positions to coordinate the operations of this corporation but also the way in which employees cooperate to make it a success. Learn more about Brian Bonar: and

Ten of Bonar’s years with Dalrada Financial has been spent as its CEO and Chairman, placing very close to the aftermarket products and services clients expect from them in order to increase the efficacy of their own businesses.

Bonar’s position makes him essential in ensuring Dalrada Financial’s clients can structure the programs their employees need in order to manage their benefits, such as risk management insurance, workers’ compensation, financial management options, business liability measures and promotional services. Read more:  Brian Bonar Trains His Employees In Exceptional Customer Service and The New Frontier

This expanded focus of Dalrada Financial’s role in the world of business has made it a key player for businesses in need of aftermarket service. And with such a platform to be of use to this client base, Bonar has made himself a key player who has both an intimate understanding of their needs as well as the changing face of the market he serves.

Beyond the Dalrada Financial Corporation, Brian Bonar is President of the Allegiant Professional Business Service, CEO and Chairman of Smart-Tek Automated Business Services and is a member of the American Finance Association.

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