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The Philanthropic Endeavors of the DeVos Family Foundation

Betsy DeVos is the chairman for the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, a non-for-profit organization started by her and her husband. The organizations philanthropic endeavors span to several different areas all dedicated to spurring positive social changes. Her active involvement has seen her participate in several organizations such has the DeVos Institute for Arts Management as well as the Foundation for Excellence in Education. One of Betsy DeVos’ more recent focuses has been on education reform. She is a strong proponent of education choice. She is a passionate member and acting chairman of both the Alliance for School Choice as well as the American Federation for Children. In an interview with Philanthropy Magazine, Mrs. DeVos cites her children as her inspiration for these projects. Having the privilege to send her children to a school of their choice, Mrs. DeVos saw the critical importance of that decision first hand. Since then, she has dedicated much of her time and resources to making sure other have that same option. She raises a lot of money to be put towards scholarships to aid low-income families in the process of school selection. Her and her husband have also worked actively to change the Michigan state constitution to better support education reform.


Besides their philanthropic work, the DeVos family has also established a name for themselves in business and in politics. Dick DeVos‘ father was the founder of Amway, a goods distribution company. Growing up in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Dick DeVos spent much of his youth watching the Amway company grow from a small business working out of his basement to the large company that it is today. In fact, much of it’s growth took place under the management and guidance of Dick DeVos himself. DeVos received a Bachelors in Business Management from Northwood University. One of the schools from which he also received an honorary doctorate. Holding both positions as Vice President as well as CEO during his time at Amway, the company saw major growth in it’s foreign markets and even started its own parent company, Alticor. In between his successful involvement at Amway, Dick DeVos also became the owner and president of the Orlando Magic basketball franchise. Dick DeVos is also head of the Windquest Group which focuses primarily on managing investments in areas such as sustainable technology and renewable energy. Dick DeVos also is an avid sailor who races in many national competitions.



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