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The Many Positions of Felipe Montoro Jens

The world of finance is a board one, with many different areas and expertise. There are countless individuals who work in finance and they are in every corner of the world. There are many types of finance such as banking, secured lending, acquisitions, and investments on The individuals who work in investments, work hard to ensure that their client’s money and stocks are secured and making a significant amount of money. Business leaders in investments also work with corporations and multi-million dollar companies in securing business deals and large investments on to make sure the corporation or company is successful.

International investing is different playing field. The field may have different rules and regulations but the core is the same: acquiring successful investments. Felipe Montoro Jens is a Brazilian finance professional who is the Chief Finance Officer of Odebrecht S.A. Mr. Felipe Monitor Jens is the responsible party for the OPI, also known as Odebrecht Participaes e Investimentos. Odebrecht is a conglomerate in Brazil that consists of a range of diversified businesses. Some of the diversified businesses include construction and engineering. The company has expanded to Central America, South America, the Caribbean, North America, Africa and Europe.

Felipe Monitor Jens is also the Chief Executive Officer of Energizer Captacao S.A. Felipe Monitor Jens is a well skilled in investments and finance. At Oderbrecht S.A, Felipe Monitor Jens also served as the Senior Officer of Investments and the Officer of Finance. Felipe Montoro Jens’ career includes a few company. At Santo Antonio Energia, he served as their director.

Starting in April of 2010, Felipe Montoro Jens served as the director of Braskem S.A. He served in the position until August of 2013. Mr. Jens is also a board member of Concessionaria do Centro Administrativo do Distrito Federal, where he was elected the Chairman of the board.

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