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The expansion of OSI Group through David McDonald

David McDonald is an exemplary leader and this has been the trend that has been seen in the positive outcomes of his work. He is OSI Group’s Chief Operating Officer. He is also the President of this Company. David has an Animal Science degree that he graduated with from Iowa State University. David McDonald also holds the Chairman position at the American Meat Institution. Prior to advancing his position at the OSI Group, he was the OSI Industries Project Manager. As a Marfrig Global Foods Director, he shares his skills to advance the business.

As the COO at OSI Group which is a company that deals with the processing of food, he is helping improve the sustainability. This company is present in various markets including Germany, the United States of America and China. The company has a main focus in been the leader in the markets as it operates by taking local needs and tastes seriously. OSI Group is an adaptive company that deals with providing products that are required at the local community level in every country of their operation.

David McDonald is using a strategy of expansion to improve the sustainability of the company. China is the main market that the company is planning on expanding into. The gap that is there in that market when it comes to food safety and production is wanting. David is creating partnerships with the local government and other companies on the ground in order to be able to implement his plan for the OSI Group. David McDonald acknowledges that the process of implementing the expansion is very engaging but worthwhile.

To stay ahead of the game, they are looking to provide solutions on large scale levels by offering ways of processing that will make a significant difference. Since OSI Group has been in that market for more than 2 decades, they understand the needs on the ground and are working towards providing solutions for these needs. The firm relationships with the locals they have built for themselves are of additional value for their businesses since they can seek advice and monitor trends as needed.

David McDonald is using his skills to take OSI Group to the next level. Baho Food was acquired as part of the expansion process. It has various subsidiaries that have the ability to process larger capacities to cater to the growing demand. The two companies now work hand in hand and have expanded the variety of products they offer as they work on a strategy to expand the business. The acquisition put OSI Group in a different and more advanced level in the industry. The Company is supplying various products for Burger King, McDonald’s, Subway and Papa John’s among others.

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