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The demand for compliance officers is on the rise

The business community is continuing to grow, but there are several obstacles for businesses that want to become successful. Federal, state and local governments continue to press regulations on businesses. Meanwhile, the media grills any business that breaks these rules, and people rarely consider just how easy it is to accidentally break a rule. To protect themselves, businesses must have top notch compliance teams.

Thirty years ago, compliance officers did not exist. Most companies relied on their legal departments and their public relations teams to handle any crisis that might emerge. Unfortunately, the stakes are too high to risk a crisis emerging. A single issue with the SEC or the media can destroy a company. To avoid any issue from emerging, most companies have invested heavily in their compliance departments.

Compliance departments have several jobs. First, they must institute policies that prevent any violation of the law. After establishing these policies, compliance officers must constantly monitor their company to ensure that every worker is remaining compliant with federal law.

Companies around the world are hiring quality compliance officers to help protect their business. One of the top compliance officers in the world is Helane L. Morrison.

Helane has a background in law and in journalism. She started her career by receiving a degree in journalism from Northwestern, which she followed up with a law degree from Berkeley. She spent many years working for a prestigious California law firm fighting cases against the SEC, and they she started working with the SEC. For more than a decade she worked on SEC cases, and this experience made her an excellent compliance officer.

Today, Helane Morrison is the Chief Compliance Officer at Hall Capital, a powerful investment company. She loves working for a company that is filled with powerful women. At her job, Helane works to ensure that the policies laid out throughout Hall Capital are in compliance with SEC policy. She regularly interviews workers throughout the company to ensure that they are working within the law. She regularly draws on her journalism experience to get the job done right, and her experience with the SEC comes in handy as well.

Helane Morrison is an extremely talented compliance officer and she enjoys working at Hall Capital.

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