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The CEO and President of NexBank Gives a Speech at the Annual Strategic Opportunities Conference of the Texas Bankers Association

Every year, the Texas Bankers association convenes for their annual conference. The main theme in these meetings is to assess the local market, look at the opportunities and challenges they are facing as a community and come up with working strategies on how to resolve their problems. This year was no different. However, the panel was honored to get a visit from the one and only CEO of NexBank, John Holt.
The meeting that took place in New Orleans, Louisiana had the theme of ‘Reinventing Community Banking: Perspectives on Competing by Innovation.’ The issues that were discussed included the role that the many rapid changes in technology are playing in transforming the financial sector, and what these changes mean for the key players in the sector. Mr. Holt noted that as one of the market leaders in the sector, NexBank had been taking the necessary steps in enhancing community banking. He mentioned a few of the initiatives that his organization has been taking part in.
These include the acquisition of the college savings bank, by Nexbank, which will help the community in Dallas make better financial savings for their children’s college education. The other initiative they have taken is funding companies that are giving mortgages to people from the less privileged areas of the town. He stated that empowering the less fortunate by giving them homes means that they will be in a better position to school their kids, which will uplift the entire community.
The issue of organic growth of the organizations, especially the banks that take part in community banking was explored and solutions discussed. Nexbank serves their client by offering services such as commercial banking, institutional banking and also mortgage banking. It is a market leader in the provision of the services and with the growth projected, they are going places.

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