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Technology finances with Psi-Pay limited

PSI-Pay limited is a private company that came into existence in 2007. PSI-Pay is in the United Kingdom. The company offers pre-paid, deficit and visual cards and also a system where payments can be made without necessarily being physically there (contactless systems). PSI-Pay Company has five founders, and a team of experts tasked to innovate new ideas now and then. The company gives the MasterCard globally to its members.


PSI-Pay Company offers diverse services for its customers; Direct Debits, this helps the companies that have routine transactions from a significant number of residents. Internet payments, this enables the occupants to make their bills payments online free. Telephone payments, the payment system involves tenants paying their bills via telephones and landlines. Text Message system, tenants directly pay their bills from texting a code, and the amount they wish to pay via the UK registered phone and an operational payment card. The customers install the all pay app and can use it to pay rents, bills, come up with strategies to control their debt payments e.t.c.


PSI-Pay has made it possible for its clients to make payments from any pay point and post office joints. For those that haven’t still embraced the technology entirely, the long queues in financial institutions have been solved by just walking in any of the two and make the payment via their agents.


At the time Phil Davies took over as the company head, the company wasn’t making any progress. This inspired him to come up with new ways and inventions to register growth and to keep the clients consistent. One of the many strategies that have helped raise their operations is embracing the latest technology, which involves making online payments. The mentioned services are all available online 24/7.


Another way that the company has used to improve their services is by embracing financial technology. The’ fintech’, Fintech is simply customizing the mode of payments by inventing various gadgets. Recently the PSI-Pay in partnership with K Wearable’s came up with payment ring. You simply pay using your ring in any place that MasterCard payment is approved.


This various modernized ways have made it possible for clients to control and organize their finances from the comfort of their homes at any time. The technology has relieved the client’s hustle of queuing for long hours in various institutions.

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