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Technology and Sustainability Key to OSI Group’s Global Vision

Today, OSI Group is well-known for its position in the food production and processing industry. Its growth from a local butcher shop to a global food conglomerate, points to clearly defined strategies employed over the years. Sheldon Lavin is the president and CEO of the company and is committed to ensuring that the company broadens its operations to cover more countries. Todays, it operates close to 65 facilities in over 15 countries.

The modern world is generally moving towards embracing technology and sustainable production. OSI Group has not been left behind in the quest, as it seeks to take advantage of the international market. In response, the company has over the past years shifted its focus on new strategies and technologies to ensure increased efficiency in production and guarantee environmental protection. OSI has since made sustainability a core value and has to be considered in making any strategic decisions.

The global need for sustainable and environmentally friendly foods has pushed OSI Group to make it a tradition in the company to employ only strategies that ensure the same. The company, under the leadership of Shelvin, is keen on conducting continued research to develop new ideas for the processing, packaging and distribution of foods that guarantee sustainability.

Sheldon Lavin’s sustainability goal has won him a number of awards that recognize his efforts to sustainable production. Such awards include the North American Meat Institute’s Environmental Award and the British Safety Council’s Globe of Honour Award. He has been invited in several forums to give his account on sustainable food production.

OSI has, over the recent years acquired companies such as Tyson Foods, Baho Foods, and Flagship Europe in a bid to increase its capacity to produce sustainable foods in various markets. Consolidating resources ensures that the company forges ahead in strength and confidence in meeting consumers’ growing demand.

The value of technology in ensuring sustainable production cannot be undermined. As such, OSI Group continues to work hand in hand with experts in the field to ensure that new approaches are aligned to the goal of sustainability in the company.

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