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Southridge Capital: Steven Hicks and Mastering The Industry

Southridge capital came about when its CEO and principle Steven Hicks was employed at a New York hedge fund. At the time, his leading manager had decided to return to Australia and this left Hicks to close down the hedge fund’s operations. When looking back, Hicks says the principal allowed him to maintain his employment as he work hard to create Southridge Capital. Though still on the payroll at his old job, Hicks new adventure took off and has rose to success. Today, the corporation oversees a robust portfolio and a list full of clients. Hicks has been steer-heading Southridge Capital’s strategic direction and giving his clients many options. He is responsible for managing business development and making his company a leading force in the market since its creation back in 1996.


Steven Hick’s background is impressive to say the least. He has received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from King’s college located and Briacliff Manor, New York. In addition to that, he’s completed is MBA degree from New York city’s Fordham University. As Hicks works everyday, he takes it upon himself to review his fund’s portfolios and make sure that they are reaching their goals. He works closely with his talented staff to ensure that all investments stay on track. Southridge makes it a point to consistently seek out new opportunities in an effort to bring clients strong returns. Hicks, was been in business for nearly 30 years and understands customer satisfaction as a priority.


Hicks has often said that experience is like a big strong engine idea one must have. Southridge capital has made a home on wall street for nearly 20 years and they know all the players that allows them to consistently reach success. Hicks and his team uses an in-house search engine to deploy time-tested information that allows them to make the best decisions about any company coming to them for financing. To see more you can visit their facebook page and twitter account.




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