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Sheldon Lavin: Growing with OSI

Sheldon Lavin is a name that figures largely in the multi-billion dollar food manufacturing industry. This financier, businessman, and philanthropist majored in accounting and finance and received his a Bachelor of Science Degree from the Roosevelt University of Chicago. He is now the well-known and acclaimed CEO and Chairman of the OSI Group, LLC. OSI is one of the leading companies in the prepared foods industry, with over 60 location across more than 16 countries. What is less well known about Mr. Lavin is that he was an investor in the company when it was still a small local business called Otto and Sons. They had hired him as a financial consultant and he, seeing the potential for growth, had provided money for expansion.

Under Mr. Sheldon Lavin’s direction and vision OSI Group morphed from a small, local business to one of the largest prepared foods companies in the world. They have purchased other food companies to increase their business, including what used to be a Tyson Food plant in the US and Baho Food and Flagship in Europe. Part of their success with such companies stems from the fact that they recognize that ,even though they are a global company, they need local management to manage the local aspects of the different places they serve. Mr. Lavin has told reporters that he believes that it is his ability to plan for the future and listen to the people he works with that has contributed to his success with OSI Group, LLC.

Besides being a successful business man, Sheldon Lavin has done much in his work to earn the esteem of his fellow man. The expansion of the business has created many jobs for people in different countries, he strives to invest in sustainable and environmentally friendly practices, and supports and is involved in a variety of charitable organizations. He was awarded the Global Visionary Award in 2016 by the Vision World Academy of India for his monumental work with the company. He hopes that other industries and future leaders will follow his example and adopt practices that are sustainable and responsible.

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