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The host of a popular radio podcast that is based upon successful entrepreneurs recently interviewed millionaire, entrepreneur and philanthropist, Sanjay Shah. He is the owner and founder of an investment firm called Solo Capital. Shah started the business after quitting his prestigious accounting job and decided to start his own investment company. The podcast radio station focuses on successful entrepreneurs that have excellent advice, inspiration for others as well as advice for other entrepreneurs that are looking to enhance their business and turn a profit. Shah did just that in a few short years with Solo Capital. Solo Capital focuses on proprietary trading and consulting as well as sports professional investments. The company is located in London and Dubai and has over thirty nine operation successful businesses throughout the areas.

Shah actually attended King’s College where he got his accounting degree, but he initially started there to study medicine. He wanted to be a doctor, but soon changed his mind and began to study accounting, which he is glad that he did.

Autism Rocks was stared in 2014. His youngest son was diagnosed with autism in 2011 when he was just two years old. Since then, Shah and his wife wanted to find a way to help their son the best way they could. Since there is no cure for autism, he developed Autism Rocks. He was having a conversation one day with Snoop Dogg and he urged him to get back into the music industry that he was once involved in. He thought what better way to get into the music industry and raise money through the charity. He has been able to donate funds to universities and their programs, research and development. He wants to better understand the condition, as well as help others better understand it. Autism can effect people in different ways. Some are high functioning autistic and some rely solely on the help of others. It is not entirely understood what causes autism, but Shah is determined to find it with the help of Autism Rocks. It is an invite only concert based charity that is performed by famous musicians such as Snoop Dogg, Lenny Kravitz and Michael Buble.


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    Solo Capital has allowed Shah to retire and become financially stable which has moved him to create his own charity even called Autism Rocks. Shah has concerts staged for 2016 that will help raise even more money to raise awareness. It is just how to custom research paper that most of these people are learning how to do in disguise.

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