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Securus Technologies-Criminal Justice

It is a prison telecommunications company operating from Dallas. It has offices in other regions which include Carrollton and Allen, both in Texas and Atlanta, Georgia. Being one of the most significant providers of prisoner communication, parolee tracking, and legal information management solutions, it serves a massive clientele. It has contracts with 2600 correctional facilities, a majority of them (over 2200) across the USA and in others in Canada. More than a million inmates nationwide are under the services of Securus. It hires close to 1000 people.



Primary product is to controls contraband cell phones over a wireless containment system. It focuses mainly on the unique needs of law enforcement communities. It has invested heavily in technologies, acquisitions, and registration with the government, with over $ 600 million. It leads to giving full technical solutions and engaging customer care services. To expand its reach in providing customer services, it has introduced an in-house domestic call center that can hold 220 people and is the largest in the industry. It intends to increase inmate self-service, provide emergency response, biometric analysis, investigation and information management.



In 2016, it was accredited by Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating as the leading provider of civil and criminal justice. This accreditation indicates that the company has built trust by achieving and maintaining a positive record. It provides transparent services and products disclosing explicit materials and abides by rules and regulations stipulated in all written and verbal agreements it makes. The company is founded on integrity in all its business pursuits; it addresses arising disagreements and arguments swiftly and professionally. It keeps customer information confidential, collecting it only when necessary to avoid mishandling.



Securus Technologies has teamed up with JPay to facilitate digital payments, entertainment, communications and education in the prison system. It remains the largest and most convenient in the correctional space.



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