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Roc Nation Negotiations Hot Up For Desiree Perez

Negotiations over new deals and contracts are usually a period of time met with some trepidation by the majority of companies who are looking to build a brighter future for themselves; however, rapper Jay-Z has entered negotiations over the future of his Roc Nation brand safe in the knowledge Desiree Perez is battling on his behalf. Perez is known for the negotiating skills she first showed during the initial deal to bring together the Jay-Z’s SC Enterprises with the Live Nation events group resulting in the signing of a record-breaking $150 million deal which changed the face of the music and entertainment industry overnight.

The initial deal was signed for a period of ten years in 2008 and has seen a flurry of activity in recent months as chief negor=tiator, Desiree Perez has begun working towards negotiating over the future of the Roc Nation brand. Perez and Jay-Z were pictured leaving the Santa Monica, California offices of Universal Music group head Sir Lucien Grainge amid speculation over the reasons for their visit. The Universal Music group already has a distribution deal in place with Roc Nation and speculation has fallen on rumors the pair are looking to expand their working relationship in the near future.

An entrepreneur in her own right, Desiree Perez is known for making sure her research and knowledge of the contract she is negotiating are complete before taking her seat at the negotiating table. Perez has spent more than two decades as an executive with Roc nation and holds a powerful position as a member of the Hova collective known as the leaders of the brand who do not take individual roles but instead working together across all areas for the good of the Roc Nation brand.

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