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Ricardo Tosto Initiates Peace through Legal Justice

The law profession can be defined as popular among Brazilians. Simple as that may sound, becoming a lawyer in Brazil is an uphill task. Brazilian law originated from Portuguese following the European colonization. In 1822, Brazil claimed independence. This was the only country that was in a position to develop its legal system. Consequently, there was the need to create autonomous legal institutions including legal professionals. There was the need to empower the people of Brazil through education in legal institutions with the aim of mentoring lawyers, attorneys, and advocates. Through that, Brazil established law schools as from 1827. Most of these schools were in Sao Paulo and others in the city of Olinda.

Becoming a Lawyer

Becoming a lawyer in Brazil involves three steps:

Vestibular Test
• Degree
• National Bar Examination
Brazilian law universities accept students who have successfully passed the Vestibular test. When in high school, students must focus on passing that exam in order to receive college admission. Vestibular is provided by all universities in Brazilian law schools. In 2009, the national examination council merged the final exams with Vestibular with the aim to achieve order and organization in the education system.

University Degree

After passing the Vestibular test, the student enrolls in a university. A degree in law takes up to five to six years. Usually, the degree can be attained from a public or private institution because both sectors have authorization from the National Commission of Legal Education and the Federal Council. Apart from the regular course work provided by the universities, students must develop complementary activities that have a direct correlation with the law. In this scenario, an internship suffices. Law firms that provide practical activities related to law are highly recommended.

Ricardo Tosto

Ricardo Tosto is a respected lawyer in Brazil. The litigation attorney has made a name for himself through his excellent practices. Ricardo Tosto owns a law firm and is prominent for promoting justice in institutions. The Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Firm is known for its proper representation of high ranking individuals in the country. Under the leadership of Ricardo Tosto, his company has managed to gain the trust of most Brazilians who are faced with legal challenges. Through Ricardo Tosto, Brazil has developed a just legal system and a voice for the less advantaged.

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