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Raj Fernando Shows Diversity with Scoutahead

Raj Fernando has been a very busy individual. He has been able to help a lot of people with his Scoutahead company, and he had continued to elevate in the business world with Chopper Trading. It is rare for someone to start multiple companies that are successful, but Raj Fernando has become an authority in the financial world because he has gained a lot of experience with risk management and international trading.

It is with Scoutahead that he started a business that would present individuals with information that would be pertinent for hiring employees. What Raj Fernando has been able to do is build up the type of organization that has made the workforce a lot better. When employers have the information that is provided by Scoutahead they can make better decisions on who will find vacant spots. This also works well for employers. Everyone is not going to be a perfect fit for a job. What Raj Fernando does is eliminate a lot of turnover with Scoutahead because he had created the organization that has given employers better quality control measures.

Raj Fernando started this company, but he started Chopper Trading before this. He has a lot of experience in risk management, and that is what Chopper Trading is based on. It is a financial company that has managed to bring engineers and traders together. What Raj Fernando  has done is take technology into this trading firm and help a lot of clients maximize portfolios. This is still a small company, but it has been able to elevate and gain more exposure now that it has been purchased by Chicago trading firm DRW Trading Group.

This is a fixed income trading firm that Raj Fernando has been able to build over the years as he increased his experience in financial risk management from a global perspective. Scoutahead is the new company that Raj Fernando has created after DRW Trading Group purchased Chopper Trading. This is a new direction for Fernando. He shows that he can handle other things outside of financial services. It shows growth as a business professional.

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