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Pushing Bad Articles Down In Search Results

In today’s technological era, people are defined by their online search results. A bad search result on the first page of Google is the worst thing that can happen to your reputation. Anything that paints you in less than a positive light be it a blog, a negative story or even a bad business review can take control of your online presence. In a perfect world, you could remove all the bad articles that create a negative search result but in reality, some of the content is here to stay. However, it is possible to push bad articles down in search results by creating positive content.

Social media profiles
Create public profiles that consistently appear high in the search results. The profile you create should have your name and identifying information that can suppress bad articles. The content posted on the profile should be positive and public for everyone to view. Create profiles that you can fully populate and use in a consistent manner. Sites that provide high search returns include;
• Facebook
• Twitter
• LinkedIn
• YouTube
• Google +
• Quora
• Tumblr
The sites are easy to maintain, and they pass the most value.

Link your profiles
Linking your profiles is one of the best ways to increasing a site’s rank in search results. The content in one profile with rise by linking it to content in other profile. For example, link your Facebook profile to your LinkedIn or your blog page or any other profile that you have created. Interact with other people, so that they can also link to your content, driving your results even higher.

Start a blog
A blog is one of your valuable allies when it comes to pushing bad articles down in search results. Have strategic and interesting posts that provide great content. Google links to blog especially those that have interesting and engaging content. Use your real name on your blog and blog against the negative keywords used in the bad articles.

Leave comments online
Comment on articles and posts on high ranking and influential pages using your real name. Use positive, well-reasoned and grammatically correct comments to sell yourself. Useful and genuinely interesting comments can become one of the top results for your name.

Hire a reputation management strategist
A reputation management strategist is equipped with the right tools to help you suppress negative search results on Google or any other search engine. Bury Bad Articles (BBA) is an online reputation management firm that provides clients with the most effective ways of suppressing bad articles in search results. With 100% guaranteed fully customized services, Bury Bad Articles (BBA) offers a multi-prolonged approach that will ensure a long-term improved front of their client’s online presence. With Bury Bad Articles, clients will be able to take full control of their search engine results.

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