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Protect Your Lips with EOS Lemon Twist

The Evolution of Smooth offers a variety of specialized lip balms that can restore the lips, unlike other brands such as Chapstick that are merely sticks of processed petroleum jelly. EOS currently has a line of “Active Protection” lip balms in 2 flavors that offer a broad spectrum SPF. Protecting the lips from harmful uva and uvb rays is important to maintain their collagen structure and to prevent the lips from drying out.

When the lips lose collagen fibers, they lose volume. The Active Protection Lemon Twist flavor is a favorite amongst many women. The sweet aroma and taste of fresh lemon makes applying this lip balm a blissful experience. More importantly, it is formulated with 3 active ingredients, Avobenzone, Homosalate, and Octocrylene. These organic compounds offer a complete SPF. Click this site.

It is also formulated with organic lemon peel extract which is rich in antioxidants and Vitamin C. Both of these compounds can stimulate collagen production in the lips. The moisturizing properties of this flavor come from the organic plant oils such as olive, coconut, shea butter and jojoba. These oils are rich in omega fatty acids and vitamin E. See for more.

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It is also formulated with sunflower seed oil which is one of the richest sources of vitamin E on the planet. When Vitamin E is combined with Vitamin C, it can truly transform the skin. Unlike other lip balms, EOS formulates its products with stevia extract, a natural sweetener from the stevia plant. This gives the lip balms a tasty sweet flavor that is safe to lick.

EOS has overtaken the lip care industry selling over a million units per week across the country. The company dedicates its efforts into making high quality products that are all natural, organic and enjoyable to use everyday. The signature spheres can be found at most major retailers and drug stores for around $3 a piece. Shop here,

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