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President David McDonald And His Responsibility To Lead OSI Food Group Into The Future

Even while he was in school, attention to detail was very important to David McDonald. Be relentlessly pursued a bachelor’s degree in animal science from Iowa State University. Agriculture has always been one of the great Passions of Michael McDonald’s life. He has definitely transferred his experience to his work with the OSI group. He actually has been affiliated with the chicago-based OSI Industries since 1987.

To make a long story short, he has moved his way up in the company. He started off an entry level position, however because of his driven ambition he quickly became company president. Since then, he has made it a point to introduce OSI Foods onto the world stage. Early on, one of McDonald’s main projects was to expand operations into China. He was definitely successful in that endeavor, because the OSI group now has eight operational factories in this vast Asian country. In 2012, David McDonald was also instrumental in leading his company to establish a beef processing factory in Poland. There’s also the fact that his company was instrumental in starting a modernized feed mill in the Shandong province of India. Moreover, he also has had several projects in Hungary and Geneva.

This isn’t the largest overseas project he has completed, however. Perhaps one of the best was when his company acquired Baho Foods based out of the Netherlands. Baho Foods also has several plants in Germany, along with a number of subsidiary companies. These subsidiaries have had a presence in Europe for over six decades.

Because of the long tradition of these companies, president David McDonald is incredibly confident that his company will have a larger presence in the European continent. In their commitment to all of their employees, OSI Industries was also proud to announce that all of the employees affiliated with Baho Foods will be retained.

The continual expansion of OSI Industries can be attributed back to one principle: you get out what you put in. It also can be attributed back to one individual and his dynamic leadership: David G. McDonald. He continues to promote his company all over the world, and there is no question that if he has something to say about it, this will not only be a leading company but probably eventually even in the top five worldwide!

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