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Philanthropist George Soros Hires Dawn Fitzpatrick To Run His Family Hedge Fund

George Soros is an 86-year-old rock star in the financial industry. He is also a legend in political circles. And when it comes to giving economic advice to foreign leaders, there is no one better than Hungarian-born George Soros. But Soros is more than a high-flying hedge fund investors who leaves no stone unturned in the investment business. George gives his money away through his Open Society Foundation. Soros is not afraid to let his money do the talking in countries that abuse human rights, and are under the control of fanatics who loathe democracy, and all it stands for.

Getting a handle on the different facets of the George Soros mentality can be a challenge until you know his story. Soros is one of those born leaders. He takes a leadership role because he uses what some people call a “sixth sense.” He uses his sixth sense when he invests, and when he supports Democratic candidates for office. George is a major player in the Democratic Party. His $12 million donation to the Clinton campaign was news during the 2016 campaign. And his annoyance with Donald Trump was obvious when Trump won the election and learn more about George Soros.

Even though Trump is president, Soros is still fighting to keep the New Yorker’s distorted agenda from ruining the principles the country thrives on. Soros works behind the scenes in the Democratic Party. He is one of the party’s top economic and financial advisors. Soros doesn’t want to run for office. He wants to put the right people in office, so the United States can handle the challenges that exist in all corners of the world. One of those challenges is China, and another is the war in Syria. Soros doesn’t hold back when he talks about the refugee crisis or the fact that China plays by its own set of economic and currency rules and what George Soros knows.

Mr. Soros is still active in the investment industry, but he is out of the day-to-day investment process. He found Dawn Fitzpatrick, a Swiss bank hedge fund manager, in February 2017. Fitzpatrick is taking over those daily responsibilities. But George didn’t stay away from the daily investment chores for long. He is still investing in gold and other assets. Plus, he is shorting China’s currency because he believes China will devalue their currency due to an enormous amount of bad Chinese bank debts and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

Soros is worth more than $25 billion, and he uses that money to spread democracy around the world. His Open Society Foundation helps organizations in countries fight for human rights and for freedom from oppressive governments. Soros is a money maker, but he will go down in history as one of the greatest humanitarians of all time, according to Forbes and Follow him

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