Cassio Audi and Life in Music

Cassio Audi and Life in Music Cassio Audi is a renowned expert in the business world. However, Cassio has also tried a hand in other areas that many people may not know. During his teenage years, he was a famous professional musician, more specifically, a drummer in a Brazilian Metal Band. The band was formed around 1985 by a group of teenagers with a profound interest in heavy metal which was increasingly gaining widespread popularity in Brazil. The band went by the name, Viper, and played a significant role in the growth of heavy metal in Latin America. Although lacking formal education in music, the talented teenagers rocked the airwaves in the late 80s. In fact, the group is still active having changed thprough the past decades. Cassio left the group around the year 1989. By this time, the Band had received international recognition having done concerts in other parts…


Amicus Therapeutics – Focusing on Rare and Orphan Illness

Amicus Therapeutics is a biopharmaceutical company that is based in Cranbury in New Jersey. It’s an American public company which was founded in 2002, and it became public in 2007 under NASDAQ trading symbol. Before their IPO, Amicus Therapeutics was funded by several venture capital firms such as Canaan Partners, New Enterprise Associates and Radius Ventures.   Amicus Therapeutics focuses mainly on rare and orphan illness. They specialize mainly in disorders largely known as lysosomal storage disorders. The development of the company’s product is largely dependent on the CHART. In 2014, Amicus Therapeutics gained the recognition of being having with no doubt the largest small molecule pharmacological chaperones portfolio within the pharmaceutical industry.   By Feb. 2014, Amicus Therapeutics had no retailed products. It most marketed product was migalastat whose trade name is Galafold (AliveNewspaper). Migalastat is a pharmacological chaperone that is used in the treatment of Fabry disease. The main…

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How’s Your Personal Cyber Security

The invention of the internet has made life so easy. No longer do you need to physically go to the bank or the stores. You can even get a job online. Honest law abiding citizens, however, are not the only ones using the web. Scammers and hackers are preying on people who are not diligent about protecting their personal cyber security (Facebook). It is growing at an alarming rate. Ransomware attack 300,000 computers in May 2017. This affected businesses, organizations and personal computers in over 150 countries. Many of these computers had personal cyber security set up but it wasn’t adequate. Even I thought I had a full proof system but it turned out not to be the case. Personal cyber security needs to be a full-time endeavor. The government does not seem to be investing enough money into the seriousness of this problem. I know in my life I have…

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Osteo Relief Institute Listens To The Patient

In the United States, there are nearly 50 million adults who suffer from one of the many forms of arthritis, of which there are nearly 100 varieties. The majority of cases involve the degenerative joint disease known as osteoarthritis, which causes cartilage degeneration. This can cause chronic pain, stiffness, swelling, and a loss of strength. It’s important that patients make an effort to be aware of the risk factors that include age, family history, and excessive weight. It’s important that an individual develop a long-term plan to manage the condition. Losing weight, exercising with activities like walking and/or cycling, and choosing the right medications are all part of an overall routine. Surgical options are also available in other methods don’t work. Based in New Jersey, and with multiple locations across the country, the Osteo Relief Institute is committed to helping each individual find the right solution that helps them. The…

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Eli Gershkovitch Is The CEO Of Steamworks Brewery

At one time, the domestic beer that was mass marketed was highly popular among the drinking population. Several beer empires came up. But times have changed.   Eli Gershkovitch feels that the golden age has come for craft beer. Rather than the mass-marketed domestic beer, young people all across the globe are opting for craft beers. This has made the huge corporate beer companies lose out to micro-breweries that are enjoying much greater profits now.   It is still not clear why the demand for craft beer is increasing at such a rapid pace (LinkedIn). Eli Gershkovitch feels that this can be due to a rise in cosmopolitan culture all across the world. Hence people have started appreciating diverse flavors more. Whatever the reason is, the mass-marketed domestic beer companies are fast losing out to craft breweries as well as wineries.   Another thing pointed out by Eli Gershkovitch is…

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Glen Wakeman`s Success in Business

Glen Wakeman is the founder and CEO of Launchpad LLC a corporation launched in 2015 and is involved in the development of M&As for early-stage companies. In 1981, Glen graduated from the University of Scranton with a bachelor’s degree in economics and finance and later an MBA in finance from the University of Chicago in 1993.   Wakeman`s lengthy career in business and finance began about two decades ago. At first, he held positions in P&L at GE capital (NewsSky). He was also the founder and presider of the Nova Four, moves that made the GE`s board of directors recognize him as one of the growing leadership role models. Glen’s career has made him a reputable mentor and entrepreneur globally. He has played key roles in revolutionizing several businesses and has accumulated over $15 billion in terms of assets with an employee base of up 17000 people. His secret to…


Dr. Mark Holterman is a surgeon and pediatrician Who is Committed to Helping Patients through Charity

Cases of type 2 diabetes in kids of less than 20 years has been on the rise in the United States. This is an issue of concern for Dr. Mark Holterman, a surgeon, and pediatrician associated with the American Diabetes Association (ADA), who feels that a solution to it must be found soon. He was among the doctors who actively took part in a diabetes sensitization program that was conducted in September this year as a joint effort by ADA and the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. The initiative was dubbed the Camp Power Up and sought to curb the rising cases of diabetes among children by sensitizing them and encouraging them to live a healthy life. According to Dr. Mark Holterman, the disease can be eradicated by having kids eating healthy food and engaging in activities that get their young bodies physically fit.   The Camp Power Up was both…

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Energy Conservation With Stream Energy

The importance of energy conservation in our homes is a factor that has been repeated over and over again in different forums. Every economy relies on energy, and when it not adequately conserved, then a lot of financial power is lost in the process of creating the energy. In various cases, we have been faced with substantial electricity bills that we do not understand how they developed. What most people fail to realize is that everything that is connected to the electric grid consumes power (https://www.indeed.com/cmp/Stream-Energy).   As much as some devices could consume less than others in the house, in the long run, one may be forced to pay much higher amounts of money in form of electricity bills. Disconnecting switched off electric appliances from the socket does not mean that consumption will not occur. The best practice would be to ensure that even the outlet is switched off….

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Why Dr. Jennifer Walden is Celebrated around the Globe

Today, the demand for cosmetic and plastic surgery is on the rise. This means that many doctors are specializing in the field. Dr. Jennifer Walden is a distinguished and celebrated American plastic surgeon based in Austin Texas. She is a member of a number of plastic surgery boards such as the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), and the American College of Surgeons. At ASAPS, she is a member of the board of directors and she is also the communication leader of the society. Medical Backgrounds Academically, Jennifer graduated from the University Of Texas School Of Medicine with a Medical Degree. She is a certified surgeon and her certifications include the American Board of Plastic Surgery License, Texas State Medical License, Florida State Medical License, and New York State Medical License. Currently, the doctor is affiliated with a number of hospitals such as…

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The Credibility of Aloha Constructions in offering its Services

Aloha Construction is a family-owned architectural company that deals in buildings and construction. It is located in Lake Zurich, Illinois where it started as a small firm and has grown to become successful over the years. The company is currently headed by David Farbarky who is the President. He has invented policies that help in the growth of the industry to ensure that they get to meet their targets. Aloha Construction strives at upholding outstanding expertise, integrity in their construction business and also building and maintaining strong bonds with their clients and suppliers. Under the leadership of their Chief Executive officer, they are assured of successful constructions due to his diligence in delegating duties to their contractors and sales team who ensure that the demands of their customers are met within the stipulated time. Some of the services that they provide include roofing of houses, installation of gutters, fixing and…