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Osteo Relief Institute Listens To The Patient

In the United States, there are nearly 50 million adults who suffer from one of the many forms of arthritis, of which there are nearly 100 varieties. The majority of cases involve the degenerative joint disease known as osteoarthritis, which causes cartilage degeneration. This can cause chronic pain, stiffness, swelling, and a loss of strength. It’s important that patients make an effort to be aware of the risk factors that include age, family history, and excessive weight. It’s important that an individual develop a long-term plan to manage the condition. Losing weight, exercising with activities like walking and/or cycling, and choosing the right medications are all part of an overall routine. Surgical options are also available in other methods don’t work.

Based in New Jersey, and with multiple locations across the country, the Osteo Relief Institute is committed to helping each individual find the right solution that helps them. The aim is to provide non-surgical options that involve current technology and FDA approved drugs.

The staff at each Osteo Relief Institute help the patient make the best medical decisions possible for their long-term health. Every patient has an evaluation done by the staff to see if they will be a good candidate for treatment. Those who are accepted have a good chance of either not having to undergo a surgical procedure, or delaying it. The staff is committed to explaining advanced treatment options in everyday language, and each Osteo Relief Institute location is independently owned.

The Osteo Relief Institute employs a specialized physical therapy regimen and viscosupplementation to strengthen ligaments and muscles. Treatment techniques employed consists of joint lubrication injection, videofluoroscopy, bio-mechanical bracing techniques, and therapy on the knee and spine to increase strength.

The Osteo Relief Institute’s primary area of treatment is on osteoarthritis of the knees. The staff and physicians at each of their locations want to ensure that each patient has a positive experience and that their treatment will allow them to return to their daily routines. The professionals at each location are focused on treating osteoarthritis without having to resort to invasive surgery.

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