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OSI Group under the Leadership of Sheldon Lavin

Sheldon Lavin has served for over a decade in OSI Group, and he is currently the chief executive officer and the chairman of the company. Sheldon is also the president of OSI International food ltd. Lavin has extensive leadership skills that helped develop Otto and Sons. He also financed the company and transformed it, later the company was renamed as OSI Group. Otto and sons was just a small domestic food processing organization but with passion, the leadership and his skills, he transformed the company into an international industry leader. The company now operates in 60 countries across the globe.

Due to his incredible and expertise accomplishment in the organization, Sheldon Lavin was awarded a global visionary award in February 2016 by India’s Vision World Academy. The award ceremony was held in Gujarat, India at the Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Sheldon said that it was an honor to receive the most prestigious award. The global visionary awards honor’s individuals in different categories who managed to turn dreams into reality and accomplish their goals. Sheldon spent most of his time working on the overall affair of the company to achieve his dream.

OSI Group is a big company which includes OSI international foods, OSI industries, and OSI International. The company has nearly 20,000 employees across the world under the leadership of Sheldon who is proud of the employees and the culture of the company. As a result, Sheldon has accomplished job growth in the 60 countries, and he believes that people are an essential part of any business or organizations. OSI Group has also received many awards including environmental awards and safety risks awards. The company also won Globe of Honor Awards in 2016 awarded by British Safety Council.

Sheldon began his path in the meat industry and processing back in 1975. The company started to expand throughout in North America, South America and Taiwan followed suit in the early 80s and various countries. Today Sheldon is still actively pursuing further growth for the company focusing on markets in Asia and Europe. Sheldon Lavin is also a general trustee in Rush University Medical Centre.


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