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OSI Group: Recap Gazette Day Article

From Butcher Shop To Major Food Supplier: OSI Group Turns 100

Humble Beginnings

Otto Kolschowsky was a German immigrant who located in Chicago, Illinois. At the beginning of the 1900’s, Chicago was booming and a place where immigrants came to enter the United States. Kolschowsky opened a butcher shop in Chicago’s west side. By the time WWII ended, the business has expanded. It continued to expand and prosper and became a family business called Otto & Sons.

A Handshake Means Everything

At the end of War World II, suburbia America was growing and two relatively small family oriented business shook hands and made what ended up being a deal of a lifetime. The first McDonald’s was opened by Ray Kroc. Kroc made a handshake agreement with Arthur and Harry Kolschowsky who were to become the beef supplier for the restaurant. Kroc soon became the CEO of the McDonald Corporation. This was beginning of a quickly growing franchise and Otto & Sons were a long for the ride.


Otto & Sons were under pressure to provide fresh beef to McDonald’s and other businesses that could tolerate being in a truck for a long time. This need lead to the development of a technique called flash freezing. This technique enables food to be quickly frozen and making it easier for transport.

This technological advance allowed Otto & Sons to become a bigger supplier to McDonald’s. So big in fact that the brothers built a plant for solely serving the McDonald’s chain. As McDonald’s continued to grow and entered the global market, Otto & Sons followed, and the OSI Group was formed. The OSI Group had entered into the German market in the late 1970s and in Spain in the early 1980s.

Going Global

In December 2016, OSI Group acquired Flagship Europe which is now known as Creative Foods Europe. Creative Foods Europe was acquired to better serve the United Kingdom and other European countries. This acquisition enabled OSI to serve new customers as well as improving their service to existing customers. The plant in Spain has seen upgrades and advancements in order to make them more productive, safer, and more environmentally friendly. OSI has recently acquired Baho Food which will only increase their European presence. OSI continues to grow and strengthen its hold on the European market.

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