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OSI Group: A Winning Solution For Custom-Food Solutions

The foodservice industry generates billions of dollars on a yearly basis rather easily because everyone has to eat. For any industry that may be going out of style, the food service industry surely isn’t one of them. This specific line of work has many layers to it. It’s more than just planting and harvesting. Food products has to be developed, has to be managed, has to processed and has to be sourced. With just one hiccup in these activities, retailors can potentially lose thousands of dollars. This is where OSI Group comes into the frame, and it covers each and every one of the aspects above.

OSI Group just so happens to be one of the largest private companies in America. Its physical size is enormous, especially when being compared to other foodservice providers. There are more than 20,000 employees here. The company covers at least 17 countries globally and there are more than 60 facilities under this huge umbrella. It would be extremely hard trying to find another foodservice provider that can match these numbers. Test Kitchens, culinary-innovation centers and pilot plants is what this company is made of. When it comes to custom-food solutions, OSI Group is the cream-of-the-crop thanks to its wide range of capabilities. The company has solutions that can handle every demand. The R&D specialists here are very educated in the tasks at hand, and these individuals are on deck at every facility. Bringing new ideas to life is achieved through advanced technologies as well as through global-food knowledge.

A client’s food specifications and instructions will be taken seriously. Producing a great end-product is the goal. OSI Group knows how important image is and less than par products won’t make the final cut. OSI Group is the foodservice provider of the future, and its resume can backup all claims.

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