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Orange Coast College Competes For National Title In Rowing

The Orange Coast College rowing team is working hard to get ready for the 2017 Collegiate Nationals competition that will take place in Gainsville, Georgia this year. Orange Coast Coast College is training in its home turf at Newport Beach, California. The training regime is a brutal one as a team of rowers glide a 60 foot boat at speeds up to 25 miles per hour in the Pacific Ocean.

Rowing remains an amateur sport. Yet, it is one of the most physically grueling sports there is. It is also a team sport that requires careful coordination between the eight rowers and the cockswain who yells out the orders through a crude megaphone of sorts. The cockswain does not row but he does give commands and directions to the rowing crew,

Orange Coast College’s rowing team is a wonder. The college is a community college, but it has garnered over 11 national collegiate titles. In fact, Orange Coast College recently edged out elite academic institutions to win last year’s national championship in 2016. It is no surprise therefore that the Orange Coast College rowing team is nicknamed giant killer in rowing competitions.

Rowing at Orange Coast College is more than just a sport or competition. It builds character, discipline and prepares students for a lifetime of success and achievement. Several past members of the rowing team at Orange Coast College have gone to represent the United States in the Olympics and at world championship events.

Others have transferred to four year colleges on rowing scholarships. Former rowers and team members at OCC have also become rowing coaches themselves. This includes the present assistant coach, Steve Morris. He was a cockswain many years ago and attributes his success to his experience with the OCC rowing team. Learn more about Orange Coast College:

Orange Coast College is a two year community college that is found in Costa, Mesa California. It is located only minutes away from some of the finest California beaches. Its 164 acre campus has over 25,000 students attending its over 135 general education, career and technical education programs. About half of OCC students study career or vocational programs.


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