Online Attacks

Online Reputation Management Companies Step up to Defend Against Cyber Bullying

With the advent of the worldwide web, reputation management has transformed into an entirely new beast. There is a degree of permanency online that didn’t necessarily exist in past times. So it goes online reputation management companies have risen to answer the call to help clients protect their reputations in an every increasingly connected world.

In conjunction with the rising phenomenon of online reputation management, another far more menacing phenomenon has also become more and more prevalent: that of cyber bullying. Like the difference between traditional reputation management and online reputation management, the difference between bullying in the real world and online is marked. Online Reputation explains that online bullying carries with it a host of negative consequences that victims of traditional bullying would never encounter, such as the ease with which a bully can recruit large numbers of people to harass you, or that the damage a bully wreaks on a victim lasts far past the bully losing interest. That’s where online reputation management firms such as Profile Defenders step in. Using the formidable resources at their disposal and the experience they’ve accumulated managing online reputations, they can turn these assets towards protecting victims of online bullying, even repairing a lot of damage that otherwise seemed irreversible, and permanent.

Online reputation firms can pressure websites to remove offending material, and build up defenses against further bullying, restoring the victim’s reputation and helping to minimize any further negative ramifications as much as possible, achieving results the victim would be hard pressed to achieve on their own.

The web is an amazing technology, but as with any great technological advance, sometimes a darker, unintended side exhibits itself, as is true with cyber bullying. Online reputation management firms have already proven their ability to protect and mend reputations online, and with their expertise hopefully they can also mitigate cyber bullying.

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