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Neurocore Is Treating Patients Suffering From Mental Disorders

The brain controls a person’s ability to think, walk, play, and much more. On top of that, it monitors your breathing. Some of the brain’s nerves go to the eyes, ears in addition to other parts of the body. These parts have nerves that connect with the brain through the spine. As such, the spinal cord controls sense, body functions including breathing, and talking among others.

Apart from that, the brain is composed of millions of microscopic neurons that utilize chemical signals to control electrical activity through a person’s brain. The neurons help a person to think and feel besides processing complicated information. Moreover, understanding the brain is possible through the working of the organ. Even though this subject dates back to the past centuries, there is a lot that researchers need to uncover in order to unlock the mystery of how the brain functions. Perhaps one of the most instrumental tools used to unlock this mystery is the EEG technology, brain mapping, in addition to neurofeedback. The three have developed over the years, and they have given researchers a rich understanding of the functioning of the brain. One company that has been gracing news headlines for advancing its research and study on the brain and how it functions is Neurocore.

At Neurocore, the team focuses on providing data-driven and brain-based training programs that assist people to improve concentration, manage stressful situations, and sleep, among others. Established in 2014, the company has vastly become a leading figure in applied neuroscience. It has eight branches across Florida and Michigan. To improve the understanding of brain performance, the firm has started applying knowledge to treat mental disorders like anxiety, depression, and ADHD. Even though such applications have just been discovered, they have an extensive history dating back to the mid-twentieth century.

One of the leading contributions to the human understanding of neuroscience rooted from two scientists namely Mr. Luigi Galvani and Mr. Alessandro Volta. They were the masters of modern bioelectric technology theory. Galvani was in charge of a research study based on connecting the front legs of a frog to an iron fence specifically during lighting storms. Every time the lights flashed, the legs of the frog would contract. According to him, the result translated into animal electricity.

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