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Mina Ebrahimi: An Empowerment to the Community Through Works of Charity and Career Path

Being the best north Virginian caterer, Saint Germain is a business, which is owned by a powerful woman, Mina Ebrahimi, and has operated in Washington DC for over 20 years. Entrepreneur Mina Ebrahimi, who is the founder of this business, has over the years received many awards including the Enterprise Women of the Year Award and Washington Business Journals “top 40 under 40” list of the year. Professionally, Saint Germain Catering handles events of any size, both outdoors and indoors, fundraisers, theme parties, special celebrations for families and also banquets.


The businesses award-winning team holds up to 200 daily events and each event gets the maximum quality attention, commitment and creativity ranging from a mere breakfast to a big wedding. This is because, according to them, each and every meal should be an experience on its own. Mina’s Catering business employs fun loving and talented members who make efforts in ensuring clients’ daily progress are flawless all the way from a perfect color for the tablecloth to the placement of the perfect food on the table.


Mina Ebrahimi helped in starting her family owned Catering and Café known as Bistro French in 1988. The business took off with a full-service bakery where both lunch, dinner and breakfast catering services were offered. Lerner Enterprises, Neiman Marcus Cosmetic Lines, Nordstroms and General Growth properties, were the main supply customers for these services. Mina started a transportation department and further helped in the supervision of the guest services. Later, she helped in training the staff in anticipation of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award.


In her voluntary experiences, Mina Ebrahimi started a radiology department to help in curing women from breast cancer, especially those who had dogs. Her main mission is to be able to support and empower women to open up and own businesses while additionally aiding them in working hard to be able to not only support themselves but to also give back to their communities. Currently, she mentors about 5 to 8 women yearly, regardless of their locations. Furthermore, the foundation helps in the advancement of other women in different business areas. As a result, women have been pioneer holders of small businesses to Top Executives of various companies.

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