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Matt Badiali Sees Oil Prices Spiking Dramatically

Freedom Checks were introduced recently by Matt Badiali and people are clamoring to get their share of the profits. A lot of people who watched the videos from Matt Badiali assumed that they must be a scam, it just seemed too simple to be able to make any money from it. Some of these people believed that the concept was sensationalized, that there was no way that there was no way that the government would just write them a check for doing almost nothing.

One of the things that people misunderstood about Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks is the fact that it is not a government program. They also have no idea about who Matt Badiali is or why he is qualified to talk about investments. The Penn State University graduate not only has a background in financial analysis, he earned a Bachelors of Science degree after studying Earth Science. Freedom Checks are actually investing in companies that are considered Master Limited Partnerships. These Master Limited Partnerships are usually companies that work in the industries surrounding natural gas and oil. Seeing how the success of these businesses is not just determined by how they process and ship the products but also how they are sourced, Matt Badiali’s background in geology is quite useful.

Matt Badiali predicts that oil prices will soon spike, which could mean profits for the Master Limited Partnerships involved in Freedom Checks. The companies that participate in freedom checks would much rather pay the people who invested in their Master Limited Partnership than pay taxes, and the government Statute which allows these MLPs to exist allows them to do just that. The geopolitical environment in the world is changing and is going to impact the price of oil in countries around the world.

The United States has been importing drastically less oil than they have in the past due to the success that increased fracking has brought to the industry. Since 1944, most nations that are leaders in oil production have been using the US dollar when it comes to the exportation of oil. With prices going up and importing going down, the MLP’s in the US are set to make huge profits.

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