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Being a leading source of criminal and civil justice, Securus Technologies has announced the introduction of JLG Technologies’ up-to-date Investigator Pro 4.0 with searchable voice. This feature is mainly aimed at enhancing public safety, investigation, monitoring and corrections.


This new software enables the investigator to be able to choose a voice sample from both the called party or the inmate himself and use the sample to identify all other calls where the voice appears.


Michael Kester, Chief Operating Officer and the President of JLG Technologies said that the Investigator Pro aids investigators to uncover high-interest, gang-related and other malicious activities by identifying the details of the called party. It also determines the inmate who might still be involved in such activities. Investigator Pro brings about a high end biometric sophistication that will help investigators turn this world into a better place by stopping crime before it happens.


The searchable voice technique makes it easy to acquire not only the individual’s voice, identification and telephone numbers but also answer questions like:

  1. Who are the other inmates talking to this particular person?
  1. Was this called individual ever taken in as an inmate?
  1. Is there any current inmate communicating with this released inmate?

Other advanced features available include voice identification confidence ratings and high-interest group tagging that can be combined with the searchable voice. This results in a powerful and sophisticated toolkit that identifies criminal networks trying to infiltrate the telephone systems.


Having its main headquarters in Dallas, Texas, Securus Technologies serves in excess of three thousand public safety, correctional agencies and law enforcement. By serving over one million inmates across North America, Securus Technologies aims at offering incident management, public information, emergency response, biometric analysis, communication, investigation, monitoring products and services and inmate self-service.

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