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Lori Senecal Announces Retirement

Earlier this year, Lori Senecal announced that she will be leaving her role as Global CEO of CP+B at the end of the year. This came as a shock to everyone; although, it shouldn’t have. Lori Senecal likes working for companies for a few years before moving on to another company.

She’d worked for numerous companies before CP+B; and who knows, she might end up working for another company after CP+B. Senecal is a quiet woman who places all of her energy into leading companies into a brighter future. Before being named Global CEO, she served as CEO of MDC Partners Network.

When Senecal joins a company, she immediately begins reconstructing the company’s infrastructure. She also brings more modern technology and updates all of the company’s procedures. Founder of CP+B Chuck Porter says that Senecal made his company more flexible and nimble. She’s a credit to much of the company’s success.

According to Fast company, more to her credit, she snagged an account from TM Advertising. For 25 years, TM Advertising worked with American Airlines. Shortly after joining CP+B, Senecal began focusing on adding more high-profile clients. American Airlines proved to be one of her greatest accomplishments. Now, her mind is set on the next task.

As her days with the company grow shorter, it’s really setting in that she’s leaving. It’s something that none of her previous companies wanted to think about, but CP+B is preparing for the change. She’s leaving at the end of the year, and Porter wants to make sure that the transition goes smoothly. For more details visit Bloomberg.

Recently, Porter talked about what it’s been like working with Lori Senecal. He said she’s a great partner who truly knows what she’s doing. She’s also a great friend, and she’s made his company smarter and more effective with her leadership skills.

As sad as it is, both are working together to find the next group of CP+B leadership. Right now, Danielle Aldrich is getting a lot of attention. She’s worked closely with Senecal before.

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