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Koda The Shar Pei Thinks Beneful Is Better Than Other Dog Foods

The reason that Koda has those traits is because he happens to be a Shar Pei. There is truly nothing cuter in this world than his cute little wrinkled face. A while ago we had Koda on a different type of dog food and although he didn’t have many problems with it, he still had a minor problem. The minor problem that Koda had with his old dog food is that he didn’t want to ever eat it all in one sitting like he was supposed to and I think it was because he truly didn’t like the way it tasted because whenever taking him over to my sister’s house to visit her dog he would try to eat of my sisters dog’s food at once. The type of dog food that my sister was giving her dog was made by Beneful. So after finding that wikipedia information out I went to the Wal-Mart store and picked up some Beneful dry dog food. I got Koda Beneful originals in the chicken flavor because it is one of their most popular dog foods that they sell. However well I was their other products also caught my attention. I noticed they not only sell dry dog food but they also sell wet dog food. So a couple cans of different Beneful wet dog foods. The ones I picked up were chopped blends in the turkey flavor, Mediterranean style medley, and roasted chicken recipe. It turns out after letting Koda try all the different types of Beneful that I bought he actually likes all of them because he licked the bowl clean when served eat food within 5 minutes which is a record for him because it used to take him forever to eat his food. I am so glad that Koda has finally been able to eat his food all in one sitting instead of it lasting him all day and then him still not finishing it.

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  1. Kylee Cody Post author

    Beneful must have some type of secret ingredient in it because I have never seen a dog want to eat any other dog food brand that fast before. My dog Koda is very reserved, suspicious, and affectionate. I would like to say that the best could have gotten everything they have ever need which is so important too.

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