Keith Mann Divides His Time Between DSP and Graduating Seniors

Keith Mann is the founder and acting CEO of Dynamic Search Partners in NYC, but, as of 2013, he has formed a defining relationship with Uncommon Schools. Mr. Mann is a dedicated New York businessman, and he is committed to being at the top of the executive search industry.


But, not only is he a dedicated businessman, he sees the future of NYC in the hands of the next generation. They are the leaders of tomorrow, and he believes the leaders of today need to invest time and money to raise them up in the business world. So, he formed a partnership with Uncommon Charter Schools for low-income households. The mission of the school is to prepare grades K-12, so they will be ready to attend college.


The Manns agree with this goal 100 percent and, in 2013, began offering help. Mr. Mann and four other colleagues held two workshops at Crown Heights school on How to Write Professional Resumes. They met with the students individually to help them and then reviewed and edited them for college registration. This workshop was a huge success, so Mr. Mann has made it an annual event.


The Manns then donated $10,000 to the newest Charter High School built in 2009. This donation was a tremendous benefit to the school, but Mr. Mann did not stop there.


By 2014, Uncommon Schools had schools in Massachusettes, New Jersey as well as NYC, The had a new high school opening in Brooklyn and the students were required to take specific state exams to enter. Mr. Keith Mann united with other DSP business associates and donated $20,000 to cover testing for all the students.


Keith Mann has been an entrepreneur in NYC since the year 2000 when he began at Dynamic Executive Search, an executive search firm. In 2002, he began the Alternative Investment Practice within DES, and in 2009, Mr. Mann discovered the lack of customer services in the hedge fund and private equity firms, so he founded Dynamics Search Partners. DSP is a premier executive search agency for alternative investment agencies, and in 2015, DSP filled over 200 client-mandates.

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