I Was Hacked, Rubica

Just When I Thought I Was Safe I Found Out I Was Hacked

Ransomware is on the rise. Nobody ever thinks they’ll be the victim of an attack, and I’m no different. I thought I was a smart mobile user. I thought I was safe. But nonetheless, I was hacked — my cell phone was infested with ransomware.

I thought it was the end for me. I use my phone for banking and for my job. And I couldn’t afford the exorbitant fee the ransomware program demanded to unlock my files. Just because of one tiny error, I was hacked and now I was going to lose everything.


Or at least, that would have been the case… if I weren’t using Rubica.


Rubica’s team of security analysts noticed the suspicious behavior on my phone and suspected that I was hacked. They protected me from the ransomware install and helped me to upgrade my security. Even though I was hacked, it wasn’t the end of the line for me. My phone, my job, and my financial security live on.


I was hacked, and you can be too. Nobody is immune. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t help out there for us.


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