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José Auriemo Neto Works With JHSF on Real Estate Deals

Commercial real estate is a booming industry in the nation of Brazil today. With so much economic activity happening, it is a great time to start investing. Investors need to make sure they have a plan in place before investing. Brazil has a volatile economy, and investors can lose money quickly if they are not careful.

When José Auriemo Neto started investing in commercial real estate, many people thought that he was crazy. However, he has made a lot of money in the process and is now looking to the future for more opportunities.

Early Life

Growing up in Brazil was tough many years ago. The country has come a long way from where it was at that time. José Auriemo Neto grew up in poverty, and he had to work hard just to go to school. He did not want to repeat the mistakes of people in his local community. Instead of just settling for the life of his parents, he went to work changing his circumstances.

He decided to go into business instead of going to college. He did not have the money to pay for college, and he did not want to go into debt. He decided on real estate as the industry he would concentrate on.

Real Estate

The real estate market is tough to learn in the beginning. There are many variables that determine the future trends of the market. Residential real estate did not appeal to José Auriemo Neto as much as commercial. Commercial real estate is where he saw a lot of the best business opportunities.

José Auriemo Neto is the type of person who is always ready to take a risk and make a deal. He was involved in the construction of many malls and other shopping centers. This ended up being a great decision as economic growth exploded several years later. This made the properties much more valuable.

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