Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: Joe Arpaio and a Fate Much Worse Than Prison

Joe Arpaio is everything that you do not want any public official. He served as the longtime Sheriff for Maricopa County in Arizona and it was one of the worst times for it in that area. He represents everything that is wrong with people who stereotype and treat other human beings as subhuman.

He used his position of power to manipulate the public and gain favors for himself. Regardless of that fact, Joe Arpaio was recently pardoned for a charge he had pressed against him for contempt of court. Instead of serving any jail time for the numerous violations that he has done he is walking free amongst the American public again. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

“Larkin and Lacey Speak Out – What Happened To Joe Arpaio” is an article featured on that discusses some of the backgrounds of Joe Arpaio and the events surrounding his recent pardon. For anyone who doesn’t know who Joe Arpaio is he is famous for his tent city prisons and his notorious harassment of the immigrant population in Arizona. Joe Arpaio took it upon himself to begin a massive deportation project.

The problem was that many of the people that he harassed were American citizens. He simply stereotypes them based on their appearance and pushed his officers to do the same. This eventually culminated in a lawsuit entitled Melendres V. Arpaio after which Joe Arpaio was ordered to adhere to various guidelines. One such guideline that he was asked to adhere to was to discontinue the troublesome behavior.

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey factor into this because they have known Joe Arpaio for much of their career in one capacity or another. He even arrested them for 24 days back in 2007 and they received a settlement of a $3.7 million because of the violation of the rights.

Joe Arpaio wanted to search their establishment with a very broad subpoena and Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey was not going to have that. They posted information in their newspaper and Joe Arpaio arrested them. The settlement was used pay into the migrant population through the form of a fund. The Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund is still extremely active today.

Needless to say, when Joe Arpaio was pardoned many people felt as though the justice system had been circumvented. Joe Arpaio has done a lot of negative things throughout his career. It seems as though every time he gets close to having to pay for his actions he finds a way to slip through. For Jim Larkin to Michael Lacey, this is no surprise. Read more: Michael Lacey | Crunchbase and Larkin and Lacey Fruntera Fund | Crunchbase

They believe that he used his budding relationship with presidential hopefuls to secure a pardon should he need one. While there is still a lot of negativity surrounding the pardon of Joe Arpaio Jim Larkin a Michael Lacey continued to work with the migrant population in Arizona to increase their knowledge of their own personal rights and help fund the social programs that are aimed at helping the portion of the population. The legacy of Joe Arpaio will soon be forgotten, a fate much worse than prison.

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