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Jason Hope Foresees How the Internet of Things Will Improve Airline Travel

The Internet of Things uses Bluetooth beacon wireless technology and small sensors to track the state of things. Virgin Atlantic already has all of the parts of their Boeing 787s connected. This helps keep maintenance up to date. If a part begins to fail, the mechanics know that immediately, even if the plane is still flying. They are ready to replace it as soon as the plane lands at its destination.Jason Hope is an entrepreneur, investor and futurist with multiple interests in the technology sphere. He grew up in Tempe Arizona and now lives in Scottsdale. Arizona State University awarded him a degree in finance. He got an MBA from the W.P. Carey School of Business. You can also follow him on twitter :

According to an article about Hope and his predictions in Wings Journal. The IoT will make air travel safer not only through the early detection of bad airplane parts, but through tracking such safety-related items as life jackets.Sensors will also monitor the mini-environment of each seat. They can look for too-high or too-law temperatures and other things affecting pssenger comfort.Delta already allows passengers to check on the temperature, light levels and humidity where their checked dog or cat is traveling.

GE Aviation uses a fuel-efficiency dashboard to monitor fuel efficiency and optimize the use of auxiliary power units. AirAsia has already installed the best GE’s system, and they’re saving money on fuel costs.Hope is also active as a philanthropist. And one of the main causes he supports is research into solving the problem of the disease of old age. And that includes the general perception that aging is natural and, therefore, not a disease medical science can cure. Hope supports the work of the SENS Research Foundation. In 2010 he donated $500,000 to SENS. They use his money to fund research into treatments for molecular bonds.He has also worked with the Boys and Girls Organization and International Family Health. He supports such foundations as Worldwide Orphans, Tony Hawk, Mark Wahlberg and Andre Agassi.

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