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Jason Hope; entrepreneur, futurist and a philanthropist

Jason Hope’s interest in the Internet of Things has garnered him a lot of respect in the technology world. He often writes articles about the latest technology which are read by a lot of people. He has also invested in various technology because Jason Hope believes it is the way forward. Hope believes that smart technology will change how businesses operate in the future because it is convenient to most users around the world. Mr. Hope is optimistic that most companies are interested in creating apps that will allow them to interact with consumers easily. Internet of Things can eliminate waste and improve people’s life. It also allows proper maintenance and monitoring of systems according to Mr. Hope. As a futurist, Hope believes that things are looking up in the technology sector and lives will improve. Internet of Things is aimed at connecting devices used in our daily lives, and Hope believes that the dream is becoming a reality.

Jason Hope is an Arizona native who grew up in Tempe. He graduated from the Arizona State University with a degree in finance. He also received A Business Administration Masters in W.P Carey School of Business from the Arizona State University. He is an entrepreneur who founded JAWA, a mobile communications company that develop desktop software and mobile applications. The company is currently in partnerships with other tech giants and is a parent company to other tech subsidiaries. Aside from being an entrepreneur and a futurist, Hope is also a philanthropist. He believes in research in bioscience as well as technology. He is currently working with SENS Foundation which focuses on developing new anti aging solutions. He donated $500,000 to fund their research. He also sponsors various programs such as the Mark Wahlberg Foundation, Tgen foundation, International Foundation for Education, Worldwide Orphans Foundation among others.

Jason Hope believes changing the world, and he has found that technology is the way to go. His passion and enthusiasm for the Internet of Things are what drives him to continue with what he does. Soon the whole world will be connected to the internet according to Mr. Hope.

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