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Jason Hope And His Influence On SENS Foundation

Jason Hope might be known for his work in Tech related field. This Tech entrepreneur and investor is known to spread the word and champion an interconnected world where everything that we need can easily be accessed via technological innovations.

However, this tech investor is a philanthropist. He is well known for being involved in multiple projects that are meant to giving back to the society. He has always emphasized an innovation in the medical field that would see lives transformed and changed for the better.

A good example would be his involvement with SENS Foundation. This is a foundation is involved in anti-aging products. Hope believes that the foundation is trying to help people live a healthier and a better quality of life.

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Hope has donated a substantial amount of money to help SENS Foundation achieve its objectives. He has also taken the time to educate people and spread the word on the achievements of SENS. The foundation has switched their focus to finding a cure to diseases that break human bodies hence making them age faster than they should.

Back in December 2010, SENS announced that Hope had made a donation of $500,000 that was going to support its Rejuvenation Biotechnologies. At only a year old at that time, the Foundation considered this a significant boost to achieving its objectives. Mike Kope, the CEO of the foundation could not hide the joy. He was proud and humbled that their effort was attracting the top tier as Jason Hope. It only showed they were doing a great job.

Jason Hope on the other end was more pleased with the progress the foundation was making. He regarded the work the future of the medicine and hoped their research would help eradicate illnesses such as Alzheimer’s that were responsible for accelerated aging.

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