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James Dondero is a Local Giver

James Dondero is founder and CEO of Highland Capital Management, and as a giver on a national and local level, he’s become known for his local vision in particular. He has recently taken that proactive business approach to a new level through his partnership with The Dallas Foundation, which specializes in giving.

Dondero’s local vision is to improve North Texas, and Dallas in particular, making it a better place to live. And The Dallas Foundation has connections to many non-profit partners that they seek to connect with people like Dondero.

Dondero’s vision for giving includes being sure to make allowances for gifts to be renewed every year. This helps many non-profits get off the ground, and they need this sustaining gift to stay in action as a viable non-profit. Dondero’s special attention to this makes perfect sense for this type of giving is valuable in the long run.

Recently, Dondero helped to hire Linda Owen, who is now the director of The Highland Dallas Foundation. She works exclusively to connect these non-profits to Highland Capital Management, and Dondero says that her expertise and connection to North Texas will help to make her tenure a success.

The Dallas Foundation has worked to help with Highland Capital’s budget to make sure that these causes are addressed, and to make sure that everyone involved gets the long-term giving that so many non-profits need.

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