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Investment Banking Is a Win With Martin Lustgarten

Many people “pooh pooh” investing in money as a way to make money, but these are usually people who lack experience or support in truly exploring investment banking. Wise people know there are expenses in life that must be planned for. People who have used their money to gain assets in the stock market are unconcerned about the perils of poverty in old age. They have learned a few simple lesson, including the need to diversify one’s portfolio and of equal importance to work with a shrewd investment banker.

Martin Lustgarten is an example of the kind of wisdom you need when investing in stocks to accrue wealth. Once a citizen of Austria and Venezuela, he knows the ins and outs of the global market. His dual citizenship has been a tool for him in leveraging these markets, to make wealth grow even in disturbing economic times. Now residing in Florida, he is CEO of Lustgarten, Martin and gives a fair shake to people who want to learn from his example.

Martin Lustgarten is a good lead to follow when trying to grow wealth. He knows how important it is to spread investments among many possibilities, and see impending trends. The recovering economy is full of opportunities, and emulating his portfolio is likely to bear fruit, because he knows how to tell the difference between a positive possibility and a potential failure.

Another valuable trick he has inculcated in the minds of those who want to duplicate his success is that misplaced loyalty is not friend of the prudent investor. Staying with a stock because you like its name or feel you owe that company something are mistakes people often make. He knows how to see a downfall in its early stages, and pull the money out of lagging performers. Martin is also a truly interesting man, with a fondness for “things vintage” and especially his loved ones.

Check out Lustgarten on Soundcloud to see his musical tastes.

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